Artist Statement & Resume

I am a photographer working in black and white film and printing on fiber paper. I work in this medium for the quality of the print it can produce and the feel of still handcrafting my art. My work has taken the form of narrative pieces. I've always enjoyed collage and have felt the need to include it in my photography. I also feel strongly that photographs should be strong and self–standing. In my 20 years of making photographs and art I continually strive to combine these two elements of the single strong photograph and collage to illustrate a story in and effective manner.

I tend to work in projects that last for several years. My recent work is about my Eastern European heritage. The stories I tell come from my family's traditions and experiences in the Bukovina. This is an ethnic German area that lies half in Romania and half in the Ukraine. My family has kept several traditions from the Bukovina, most are food related. My relatives are scattered between Germany and Minnesota and keep in close contact. In 2004, 26 family members went together back to the Bukovina. I saw how my project could expand. I realized there was a universal theme of immigration and keeping traditions. I’m interested in how a culture changes and what is left of it as it moves to another place.

I’ve traveled and photographed many events relating to my family’s experience. I am in the process of creating narratives from these photo’s and stories. I have chosen a look that gives a nod to the family scrapbook. I am planning to finish this part of my project that describes my family this next year so it can be a one–man exhibit. I will pursue various cultural venues to show the work and to get this work out into the world. I will also move on to a second part of the project looking at the Bukovina culture in Romania and how it changes as it moves to the USA, Germany and Brazil.

My recent travel has related to promotion of my current work and myself as an artist. I've shown four pieces the Bridge Art Fair in Miami this past December. I also created a portfolio of smaller sized pieces to attend Photolucida in Portland this past April. The portfolio reviews I received at Photo Lucida were extremely helpful and productive. My project and photos were called refreshing and well received.